Tuesday, March 13, 2018 - 13:34

Metal Fabricator Metcon have been a long-term customer of Orrcon Steel and are a fine example of our commitment to building long term business relationships.

The relationship between Metcon and Orrcon Steel’s precision mill in Adelaide’s O'Sullivan Beach started in 1994 and has since grown to be a dynamic partnership.

Metcon are a unique business with a special focus on highly customised architectural metal work.

From custom wall facades, to architectural lighting and bespoke metal furniture pieces, Metcon require unique cuts of steel.

They source a combination of Precision Rectangular and Precision Circular Tube steel sections in a range of finishes including a Semi Bright, Mild Steel GALVABOND® finish and Mild Steel Black finish.

Orrcon Steel Account Manager Scott Marlow said the steel is most commonly used to make tables, handrails, stools and signage.

Mr Marlow said, “because of the different processes the material is subjected to, Orrcon Steel have provided the support and investment to maintain a high-quality product, which enables Metcon to meet their customers’ expectations.”

During a recent customer visit Technical Manager of Orrcon Steel O’Sullivan Beach Darryl Hill met with the Metcon team to review the end-use of the products Orrcon Steel supply and gain a better understanding of quality requirements.

“Customer visits highlight our commitment to our customers and provide an opportunity to discuss material integrity and obtain timely quality feedback.

“It also enables us to learn more about the markets we operate in and the challenges our customers face,” Mr Marlow said.

If you are an existing or new customer, or you are interested in the products or services that Orrcon Steel offer please call 1300 677 266 today.