Over the last 20 years GM Poles and Orrcon Steel have formed a partnership that has brought some of Australia’s most exciting lighting projects. 

GM Poles specialises in designing and fabricating steel columns for use in lighting, signage, communication and surveillance.

As a Transport and Main Roads (TMR) supplier, GM Poles hold an engineering registration for every state and territory of Australia.

GM poles bring some of the best sporting contests under lights.

From the 76 metre lighting poles at the Gabba, to the 48 metre lighting poles at Cazaly’s Stadium in Cairns, GM Poles come in all shapes and sizes. 

In 2015 GM Poles manufactured and supplied a total of 168 special stepped circular poles for the opening of Barangaroo Headland Park.

The famous stretch of landscape along the Sydney Harbour foreshore was opened to the public and has now become a popular walkway and cycleway for Sydney-siders. 

GM Poles source a combination of Orrcon Steel’s Precision Circular Pipe and Square Hollow Section, which is cut to various sizes to ensure no wastage.

Detailing Manager for GM Poles Jamie Goodrich says being able to source various sized steel is a real advantage when having such a diverse range of projects.

“As a TMR supplier we need Orrcon to roll and cut pipe to length to ensure there is no wastage.

“Without Orrcon we would be wasting 5% of the pipe,” the Detailing Manager said.

As GM Poles and Orrcon Steel continue to work closely together this is one of the many partnerships that shines a light on the diversity of the steel industry.

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