Orrcon Steel has two Australian manufacturing sites - A structural tubular mill in Brisbane and a precision tubing mill in Adelaide.

Our manufacturing processes meet the highest standards and quality assurance including ISO 9001. (click here for quality certificates).

Whether it's specialised tight tolerance, high bending quality Precision Tube, corrosion resistant in-line Electro Galvanised ALLGAL Tubulars (with Zinc both inside and outside the Section) or high grade steel API Linepipe for high pressure gas pipelines, when you contact Orrcon Steel for advice or assistance you get to the right person with the right answers.

Structural Steel
Orrcon Steel offers a wide range of Electric Resistance Welding (ERW) Carbon Steel Structural Tubulars.
Our Structural Tubular Products are a significant part of our production and are used across a wide range of structural applications from building structures to major sporting arenas, major mining and industry infrastructure, and for aesthetic structural use such as airports and shipping terminals.

For further information, visit Structural Steel Pipe and Tube
Precision Tube 
Orrcon Steel manufactures precision tube at its precision tubing mill in Adelaide. This mill produces square, rectangular, round and oval tube and can also manufacture special shapes subject to enquiry. All precision products are manufactured to comply with AS/NZS 1450.

For further information, visit Precision Pipe and Tube

Oil, Gas, Water and Slurry Pipelines
Orrcon Steel is able to procure oil, gas, water and slurry pipelines at competitive prices. Our global network of suppliers allows us to provide a large range of pipeline procurement solutions which are delivered on time, on budget and to required specifications.

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Hot Rolled Structural Steel
Orrcon Steel offers a range of hot rolled structural products including:
Beams, columns, channels, angles and merchant bar (including flats, angles & rounds) as well as a broad range of plate from 3mm up to 200mm.

For further information, visit Hot Rolled Structural