ACMS trials pass with flying colours

Orrcon Steel is committed to meeting the manufacturing demands of the automotive industry, with new Aluminium Coated Mild Steel products (ACMS) being trialled at our Precision Mill in O'Sullivan Beach South Australia.

Working with suppliers, Orrcon Steel has been trialling an Extra Deep Drawing Steel (EDDS) to improve our ACMS products, which are most commonly used in vehicle exhausts systems.

The new EDDS ACMS are manufactured in a range of tube sizes, such as, 19x1.2, 44.5x1.6, 51x1.6, 63.5x1.6, 76.2x1.6, 88.9x1.6 & 101.6x1.6.

Despite the closure of Fords Geelong and Broadmeadows production lines in 2016 and Adelaide’s Holden production line in 2017, the after-market sector of the automotive industry in Australia remains strong.

In order to support the Australian automotive industry, Orrcon Steel needed to adapt to this changing market and listen to feedback from customers regarding its ACMS product.

As one of Australia’s leading steel distributors and manufacturers of steel, tube and pipe, Orrcon Steel is always looking to improve.

Since the start of 2018, Orrcon Steel has taken key learnings from the exhaust market to better meet the needs of the industry.

When using ACMS products for exhaust systems the manufacturing process requires extensive bending.

With this in mind, Orrcon Steel had been trialling Extra Deep Drawing Steel for its ACMS range of products, enabling greater elongation properties.

Our trials were very positive.

Brett Remy, Orrcon Steel National Business Development Manager said, “Coil with ‘EDDS’ properties was rolled into tube at our Precision Mill, in key exhaust tube sizes, and packs were sent to select customers in QLD and Victoria for trials.

“All ‘EDDS’ tube that was trialled performed to our customers’ expectations for their manufacturing processes and provided positive results,” Mr Remy said.

With a culture that drives operational excellence, Orrcon Steel will always strive to supply quality steel products and solutions that align to customers' needs.

“We can guarantee four to eight week rolling cycles for our ACMS products in order to meet the high demand from automotive industries,” Brett said.

Our new ACMS products are set to be released on the market in July 2018.