Australia’s first online translation guide launched

An innovative online Section Translation Guide (STG), launched today by leading Australian steel, tube and pipe distributor and manufacturer, Orrcon Steel, is expected to revolutionise the way engineers and designers carry out comparisons of open steel sections to hollow steel sections.


The free web-based STG is the only online translation guide available that allows engineers and designers to make the comparisons with just the click of a mouse, removing the need to consult lengthy guides and carry out physical calculations.


Developer of the guide, Orrcon Steel structural engineer Dario Beccia, said the STG was created because Orrcon Steel recognised the need for a resource that would enable cost-effective design solution outcomes for engineers, architects and builders.


“Those wanting to utilise the resource simply have to select the desired details such as open section, variant percentage and effective length and the STG instantly provides tables with comparable data,” Mr Beccia said.

“Comparisons carried out can be in bending, deflection, compression and tension. In fact, the STG is the only resource that shows deflection comparisons in the simplest form by way of second moment of area.”

“When making a comparison with the STG, users will find that the hollow steel sections may provide a substantial percentage of weight savings,” he said.