Australian Steel Institute awards Orrcon Steel for safety



Orrcon Steel Warehouse and Logistics Manager Glenn Todd has won the 2017 Logistics Safety Code Award at the 2017 Australian Steel Institute (ASI) Health and Safety Excellence Awards.

Glenn Todd was a recipient of the Logistics Safety Code Award due to his leadership in safety and his ability to improve site processes across the entire steel, transport and logistics Industry.

Glenn has been working for Orrcon Steel for 15-years and started as a Logistics Supervisor, before working his way up the ranks to become a Logistics and Warehouse Manager.

Site Manager of Orrcon Steel Salisbury, Daniel Crompton said Glenn sets an extremely high benchmark with his commitment to fatigue management and passion for continuing to improve all facets of Orrcon Steel’s safety.

As a Logistics and Warehouse Manager Glenn was renowned for his ability to bring an innovative safety approach.

“I try and link back to why we are operating safely and encourage my staff to think about who is waiting for them back at home,” Mr Todd said.

The Personal Big 5 (PB5) campaign, which was implemented across all departments within the Orrcon Steel team, was a fine example of reframing the way we think about safety.

Safety is not just about protecting you from something; rather it is about protecting you so you can protect your personal big five things that matter in your life – whether that is friends, family, pets, sporting team etc.

Psychological research has demonstrated that the PB5 campaign has been linked to safe behaviours and hence safe results.

The safety campaign empowers people to take control of their personal safety with a visual reminder of the most important people and activities in our life.

Encouraging workers to think safe, work safe and return home safe.

As an experienced Logistics and Warehouse Manager, Glenn Todd not only implemented strategies to prevent any risk of injury, he has now been recognised as an industry leader of creating a safety focussed culture.

“I see a massive opportunity to change paths and mindsets to make a difference around safety rather than lack of safety changing lives forever,” the Safety Code Award winner said. 

Orrcon Steel is extremely lucky to have strong leadership when it comes to safety.

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