Beaudesert Exhaust and Orrcon Steel power ahead

Beaudesert Exhaust’s manufacturing facility in the Scenic Rim region of South East Queensland make some of the most complex bends in aluminised coated, mild-steel & stainless-steel tube to suit customised exhaust systems.

It’s a steel maze of twists and turns, catering for after-market four-wheel drive exhaust systems Australia wide.

Using Orrcon Steel’s Aluminium Coated Mild Steel (ACMS) in sizes 31.8mm to 101.6mm, Beaudesert Exhaust are able to manufacture exhaust systems without crimping or compromising tube diameter.

Working in partnership with Orrcon Steel, Beaudesert Exhaust source Australian made tubular products from Orrcon Steel’s O’Sullivan Beach Precision Mill in South Australia.

Jamie Miller, Manager at Beaudesert Exhaust said the business requires a consistent supply of quality tube with greater elongation properties to enable bending up to 180 degrees.

As one of the industry leaders in exhaust systems for four-wheel-drives and custom cars, Beaudesert Exhaust choose Orrcon Steel for its quality.

“Orrcon Steel precision Mild Steel is softer, making it more flexible for mandrel bending,” Beaudesert Exhaust Manager Jamie Miller said.

Using eight state-of the-art mandrel bending machines, Beaudesert Exhaust not only manufacture bolt-on 4WD exhaust systems, they also produce handrails, headboards, nudge bars and other custom bending jobs for their valued customers.

Beaudesert Exhaust also manufacture and supply to a reseller network Australia wide.

Owned by Brian Parker and his wife Jane, Beaudesert Exhaust has grown from the local exhaust repair shop in Beaudesert to market leaders of mandrel bending products.

“We are proud to be Australia’s largest stockist of mandrel bends and pioneers of bolt-on exhaust systems,” Jamie said. “Our 8 mandrel-bending machines have the capability to bend up to 5-inch pipe, enabling endless possibilities when it comes to customisation,” he said.

Beaudesert Exhaust are at the forefront of technology, using a Romer Absolute Arm 3D scanner in order to replicate the designs of imported vehicles and fit customised exhausts systems with 100% accuracy.

Some standard stock exhaust systems can reduce an engine’s power and fuel efficiency, Beaudesert Exhaust’s customised exhaust systems have the capability to increase a vehicle’s horse power by up to 10%.

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