BlueScope collaboration at Mansfield State High tops the class

Orrcon Steel and Lysaght have earned an A+ from Mansfield State High School, after successfully collaborating to complete multiple roof structures, as well as a large deck adjoining the school’s tuckshop.

The BlueScope businesses teamed up to combine LYSAGHT® building products with Orrcon Steel’s MAXI-TUBE® to provide shelter and new decking, enhancing the experience of around 2600 students at Mansfield State High School.

Students at Mansfield State High School, which is located 11km south-east of Brisbane’s CBD are at risk of excessive sun exposure, like many of the schools in the Sunshine State.

Lysaght Segment Manager Marko Lalovic was pleased with the completed LSYAGHT® Kitted Structure. This structure included using Orrcon Steel MAXI-TUBE®, LYSAGHT SPANDEK® cladding, LYSAGHT FIRMLOK® beams and LYSAGHT COLORSCREEN®, which was used in the substructure beneath the deck.

MAXI-TUBE® is an Orrcon Steel product, which is designed to meet the challenges of a corrosive, unwashed environment and was used in a decking system to support the LYSAGHT® Kitted Structure.  

The decking will provide a comfortable area for students to relax during morning tea and lunch.

Completed in a timely manner, this project is a fine example of using 100% quality BlueScope materials from both Orrcon Steel and Lysaght. Through good coordination, the project was able to deliver a total solution that can make a real difference to the students’ educational experience at Mansfield State High School.

The decking was part of a larger two-year development of the school’s facilities.

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