Foreign aid project benefits from Orrcon Steel

Adloheat has been making a stand on servicing the horticultural industry and supporting foreign aid projects.

They have been making thousands of plant stands every year which are on display at selected Bunnings Warehouse stores, the Adelaide Botanic Gardens, as well as TAFE and Landcare Groups.

Founded by husband and wife duo Wayne and Jayne Harris, Adloheat are committed to providing high quality Australian made horticultural segment products and garden accessories, including hot houses, green houses, shade houses and propagating equipment.

Sourcing various steel sections from Orrcon Steel, Adloheat Manager Jayne Harris said, “We choose Orrcon Steel because of their continuity of supply along with the strength and consistent quality of their products.”

This Australian owned family business requires strong steel, which is still light-weight and complies with weight loading restrictions for store displays.

“We have been using MSGB (Mild Steel GALVABOND®) sourced from the O’Sullivan Beach mill in Adelaide since 1999, as we find the precision and bend quality stands up well in harsh growing environments and is long lasting outdoors and inside greenhouses.”

Adloheat are committed to providing sustainable urban farming solutions not only in Australia but expanding to fill a need in developing countries around the world.

In 2018 they will be exporting plant stand frames to Tuvalu in the South Pacific as part of an Australian Foreign Aid project.

Working in conjunction with stormwater solution company Biofilta, Adloheat will design and manufacture a new range of growing pod frames, which enables this vulnerable South Pacific Island the ability to develop  a sustainable future that they have control over. 

“Tuvalu has extremely poor soil and they can’t produce enough healthy food for themselves. This system gives them the opportunity to grow food for a sustainable future,” Jayne said.

Tuvalu holds the unfortunate title as the world’s least visited country, averaging around 2000 visitors each year, according to a report by the United Nations World Tourism Organization.

It is hoped that with sustainable urban farming solutions that enable Tuvalu to grow their own food more people will visit this tiny island paradise.

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