How do BlueScope and Orrcon Steel fit together?

In the steel industry traceability and transparency are vital to ensuring that customers can make informed decisions about where their steel products have come from.

Orrcon Steel is proudly Australian made and the ability to trace Orrcon Steel’s tubular products all the way back to its source – BlueScope’s Port Kembla steel mill - gives customers confidence and trust in the quality of its steel. Port Kembla Steelworks was made famous in 1985 as the setting for the film-clip of the song ‘Working Class Man,’ by ARIA Hall of Fame inductee Jimmy Barnes.

While those working at Port Kembla Steelworks leave the music to Jimmy Barnes, the company sings the praises of the hard-working men and women of the south Wollongong site who contribute to a large production capacity of crude steel.

With an annual production capacity of approximately 2.6 million tonnes of crude steel, Port Kembla Steelworks produces slab, hot rolled coil and plate products.

Orrcon Steel’s O’Sullivan Beach Precision Mill in South Australia sources its coil from BlueScope’s Western Port facility, which is located near Hastings, approximately 80kms south-east of Melbourne.

The primary facilities consist of a hot strip mill, pickle line, cold rolled mill, as well as a batch annealing circuit and temper mill.

Orrcon Steel’s precision products are used for a range of purposes including furniture manufacturing, heat exchangers, fencing, exhaust systems and other applications.

As Orrcon Steel’s parent company since 2014, BlueScope provides the support to enable Orrcon Steel to be one of the largest tubular steel distributors in the country.

“Orrcon Steel has become a valuable contributor of BlueScope’s Australian Steel Products network. It offers a tailored value proposition, which meets market demands and increases the pull-through of BlueScope coil,” National Sales and Marketing Manager Lester Kirkwood said.

The Australian Steel Products network reaches far and wide, with Orrcon Steel supplying tubular steel to Metalcorp, enabling the metal distribution business to manufacture livestock handling equipment, farm fencing, farm gates and more.

BlueScope is the third largest manufacturer of painted and coated steel products globally, and the partnership with Orrcon Steel and Metalcorp ensures the businesses are well placed for growth longevity and financial success.

Orrcon Steel is proud to be part of the BlueScope group and with this alignment our customers can be assured that we will adhere to BlueScope’s principles of quality, innovation, flexibility and dedication.