LED lighting is a bright idea

According to data from the International Energy Agency, Australians are paying some of the highest electricity prices in the world.

Orrcon Steel’s parent company BlueScope has taken a national centralised approach to lowering power consumption and ongoing maintenance costs, while also improving lighting quality.

Orrcon Steel benefitted from this project with a warehouse in Tamworth converting to LED lights.

Since the installation there have been significant cost savings:

  • Lamp pricing has been reduced on average by 40%
  • Project management and labour fees have been reduced on average by 15% 
  • The cost of hiring mobile equipment has been reduced by 50%

The LED lighting conversion at Orrcon Steel’s Tamworth warehouse is expected to deliver several thousand dollars in savings per year.

Tamworth Branch Manager Paul Connell said, “it was a long process but well worth it. The warehouse guys now say they might need sunglasses to work inside.”

“This upgrade represents significant cost saving in power and is a contribution to a healthier environment,” Mr Connell said.

There are many government rebates that offer financial incentives to install LED lighting in your business, and they can contribute a significant part of the capital cost.

We encourage our customers to seek consultation with your lessor or electricity provider about ways you can reduce electricity consumption and potentially save you thousands of dollars.