Orrcon Steel’s MCG Project

AFL fans will ride a wave of emotion this September with the final eight teams booking their spot into the 2017 AFL Finals Series.

The MCG is often referred to as the spiritual home of sport in Australia and AFL Grand Final Day is one of the biggest days on the sporting calendar.

This modern-day colosseum has hosted some of the most epic grand finals and over the years’ millions of spectators have witnessed some of the most memorable goals at the ‘G.’

For Orrcon Steel, our most memorable goal came prior to the 2006 Melbourne Commonwealth Games.  

We take a trip down memory lane, reflecting on one of the biggest redevelopments of this iconic sporting venue.

Working alongside Alfasi Steel Constructions, Orrcon Steel was part of a $434 million facelift of the Northern Stand.

The project involved using Orrcon Steel’s Smart Hollow section to construct a cable stay roof. New world class seating was also fitted into the Northern Stand, using Orrcon’s Australian made precision smart steel.

This project reaffirmed the MCG’s standing as one of the world’s great sporting icons.

Today the MCG holds 100,024 spectators and is the first stadium in the world to have its annual number of visitors equal or more than the city’s population.

The main roof has 1,100 tonnes of structural steel and 5,300 lineal metres of steel cable.

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