A look inside Laser Central’s new facility in Richlands, Queensland is a sneak peek into the future of the steel industry.

Laser Central are at the forefront of technology, where laser cutting machines can cut, etch, engrave, bevel and shape with total precision, even when using alloy or high tensile steel.

Laser processing is efficient, there’s minimal waste and the variety of shapes can create new ways to manufacture steel products.

Seeing the ‘Tru Laser Tube 7000’ machine in action was something to marvel at.

This video below showcases laser cutting technology of MAXI-TUBE® product, which was cut to size in November 2017 and transformed into finished posts to be used as safety barriers.


Using 3D programming, the Tru Laser 7000 makes a 0.2 millimetre insertion into an Orrcon Steel MAXI-TUBE® zinc-alloy coated steel section, the tubular product is rotated and within seconds its cut to size.

Derek Mountney, Laser Central Sales Manager was impressed with the way Orrcon Steel’s MAXI-TUBE® product responded to laser cutting technology.

“It responds really well and eliminates the requirement of having the tube galvanised as an extra process after cutting has been completed,” he said.

By using laser cutting technology, Orrcon Steel was able to eliminate several parts of the supply chain process and supply finished product in a prompt manner.

Mr Mountney believes that laser cutting has a very important role in the future of the steel industry.

“With the improvements in fibre technology, increasing cutting speeds and accuracy, laser cutting will offer manufactures a way to produce higher quality components in a more cost effective way,” Mr Mountney said. For more information on Laser Central please visit their website www.lasercentral.com.au/.