Orrcon Steel’s parent company BlueScope recognise their social responsibility to reduce their environmental impact. 

“Caring for the environment is the cornerstone statement in our bond, which guides the decisions we make at BlueScope each day,” BlueScope CEO Mark Vassella said. 

This is further evidenced by BlueScope holding both the WorldSteel Climate Action Program certificate and the ‘ISO14001 Environmental Management System’ certificate.  

The WorldSteel Climate Action Program was awarded to BlueScope in recognition of their ongoing participation in the WorldSteel CO2 Data Collection programme. 

BlueScope also hold independent third-party accreditation to ISO14001 Environmental Management System certificate, which ensures it can deliver on its commitment to continuously improve its environmental performance.   

BlueScope’s fully integrated steelmaking method enables a high overall recycling rate. 

Due to the metallurgical properties of BlueScope’s steel it can be recycled continually with no degradation in performance. 

According to a report by Blue Environment, Australian steel scrap is in high demand due to its quality and cleanliness and as such can be traded globally as a commodity.  

This is demonstrated by an Australian recycling rate of 89% for steel products that are at the end of their life.  

It’s also reported that on average, up to 25% of BlueScope’s steel is manufactured from recovered steel content; which includes 8.5% that is post-consumer recycled and 6.5% that is pre-consumer recycled.  

“We pride ourselves on our role as a good corporate citizen. We recognise our social responsibilities and strive to continuously improve our performance in the areas of health, safety, environment and community,” Mr Vassella said.  

With steel being the most recycled material in the world, Orrcon Steel as part of the BlueScope group will continue to adhere to their principles of quality, innovation, flexibility and dedication.