What is Broadspec Pipe?

Our customer service team is often asked about the characteristics of BROADSPEC® Pipe. To help with these enquires we have put together details regarding the manufacturing process, the product testing and the end-use purposes of the product.  

What is BROADSPEC® Pipe?

BROADSPEC® Pipe is broad by name and broad by specification. It is manufactured for Orrcon Steel by pipe mills, meeting the requirements for Australian cold-formed structural steel hollow sections, as per AS/NZS 1163 and that have also been certified to API 5L by the American Petroleum Institute.

What specification is BROADSPEC® Pipe?

BROADSPEC® pipe is made and tested to comply with API 5L X42 PSL1 and AS/NZS 1163 C350 L0 specifications. The mechanical testing requirements for these specifications differ and this requires two sets of test results on the test certificate. Testing is performed by internationally accredited test facilities and test certificates are fully compliant to both specifications.

Orrcon Steel identified that the similarities in these grades made it possible to multi-specify product against a number of selected common specifications. This reduced the need for dual-stock and provided more flexibility for customers.

BROADSPEC® Pipe stock range is from 168mm through to 355mm, with wall thickness between 4.8mm to 12.7mm. Other sizes available on enquiry.

How is BROADSPEC® Pipe Manufactured?

BROADSPEC® Pipe is manufactured by cold forming using a High Frequency Welding (HFW) process. The weld bead is removed flush to the pipe surface on both sides, and the weld integrity is assured by use of ultrasonic NDT and hydrostatic pressure testing. The pipe is painted (as required), tube marked, cut-to-length, and the ends are bevelled.

What testing does BROADSPEC® undergo?

BROADSPEC® fully complies with API 5L X42 PSL1 and AS/NZS 1163 C350 L0 steel chemistry and mechanical properties. Impact strength is tested at 0°C to comply with the L0 designation of AS/NZS 1163 designation, which provides assurance when designing for low temperature structural applications. It is compliant with API 5L, as well as being compliant with AS 4041 for low design temperature applications. BROADSPEC® Pipe may also be used for applications which specify the following: AS1396, AS1450, AS4728, AS/NZS 4677 and ASTM A53. Refer your Orrcon Steel branch or account manager if you have a specific product end-use enquiries.

What are the end use purposes of BROADSPEC® Pipe?

BROADSPEC® offers a range of pressure pipe products that comply with multiple industry standards. Developed by metallurgists and engineers in conjunction with national and international steel pipe suppliers, BROADSPEC® is commonly used in commercial buildings, marinas, sports arenas, as well as pressure pipe, oil and gas projects.

For more information BROADSPEC® Pipe, please call 1300 677 266.