A sneak peak at the future of laser cutting

A look inside Laser Central’s new facility in Richlands, Queensland is a sneak peek into the future of the steel industry.

Laser Central are at the forefront of technology, where laser cutting machines can cut, etch, engrave, bevel and shape with total precision, even when using alloy or high tensile steel.

Laser processing is efficient, there’s minimal waste and the variety of shapes can create new ways to manufacture steel products.

Seeing the ‘Tru Laser Tube 7000’ machine in action was something to marvel at.

Travelling far and wide with Paulger Engineering

Since 1984 Paulger Engineering has built a reputation within the Australian transport industry for manufacturing quality custom built truck bodies.

Paulger Engineering’s truck bodies adhere tightly to Australian Design Rules (ADR) and sources Australian made steel to ensure truck frames are made for Australian conditions.

Owner Robert Paulger has been a loyal customer of Orrcon Steel, dating back to when the business was known as Welded Tube Mills.

“Because of what we build, we need to use quality structural steel,” Mr Paulger said.

Choose MECSPEC-GAL™ Pipe for a durable galvanised solution

After successful trials to seek a Commercial Pipe option at Orrcon Steel’s O’Sullivan Beach Precision Mill, we now offer an alternative to Hot Dipped Galvanised pipe to be known as MECSPEC-GAL™ Pipe.

Manufactured with quality BlueScope GALVABOND® coil, MECSPEC-GAL™ Pipe offers a versatile alternative to imported products.

Rolled to length and made with 300 grade steel, MECSPEC-GAL™ Pipe is hot-dipped zinc coated with a spangled surface.

Beaudesert Exhaust and Orrcon Steel power ahead

Beaudesert Exhaust’s manufacturing facility in the Scenic Rim region of South East Queensland make some of the most complex bends in aluminised coated, mild-steel & stainless-steel tube to suit customised exhaust systems.

It’s a steel maze of twists and turns, catering for after-market four-wheel drive exhaust systems Australia wide.

Using Orrcon Steel’s Aluminium Coated Mild Steel (ACMS) in sizes 31.8mm to 101.6mm, Beaudesert Exhaust are able to manufacture exhaust systems without crimping or compromising tube diameter.

Download Orrcon Steel’s Corporate Profile

Orrcon Steel has developed a Corporate Profile, which shares our journey, our product range, our certifications and our core values.

Orrcon Steel General Manager Tony Schreiber said, “The Corporate Profile shares an insight into how we operate. We understand that our future success is determined by the ongoing support and success of our customers.”

With our partnerships built on strong business relationships, our Corporate Profile is everything you need to know about Orrcon Steel at your fingertips.

A steel deal as sweet as sugar

Australian-made BlueScope and Orrcon steel products are being used in a multi-million dollar cane bin manufacturing project by Australia’s biggest sugar producer - Wilmar Sugar Australia.

After deciding to bring manufacturing of its cane bins back in-house in 2016, Wilmar Sugar sought out a steel supplier that could keep up with the mass supply and tight deadlines the project would demand.

How do BlueScope and Orrcon Steel fit together?

In the steel industry traceability and transparency are vital to ensuring that customers can make informed decisions about where their steel products have come from.

Orrcon Steel is proudly Australian made and the ability to trace Orrcon Steel’s tubular products all the way back to its source – BlueScope’s Port Kembla steel mill - gives customers confidence and trust in the quality of its steel. Port Kembla Steelworks was made famous in 1985 as the setting for the film-clip of the song ‘Working Class Man,’ by ARIA Hall of Fame inductee Jimmy Barnes.

What is Broadspec Pipe?

Our customer service team is often asked about the characteristics of BROADSPEC® Pipe. To help with these enquires we have put together details regarding the manufacturing process, the product testing and the end-use purposes of the product.  

What is BROADSPEC® Pipe?

ACMS trials pass with flying colours

Orrcon Steel is committed to meeting the manufacturing demands of the automotive industry, with new Aluminium Coated Mild Steel products (ACMS) being trialled at our Precision Mill in O'Sullivan Beach South Australia.

Working with suppliers, Orrcon Steel has been trialling an Extra Deep Drawing Steel (EDDS) to improve our ACMS products, which are most commonly used in vehicle exhausts systems.

The new EDDS ACMS are manufactured in a range of tube sizes, such as, 19x1.2, 44.5x1.6, 51x1.6, 63.5x1.6, 76.2x1.6, 88.9x1.6 & 101.6x1.6.

Barker Trailers reach milestone manufacturing moment with Orrcon Steel

In 1974, the bankcard was first introduced in Australia, the average house price in Sydney was $28,000 and Barker Trailers opened its first factory.

Fast forward to 2018 and we can purchase a cup of coffee with our watches, Sydney median house prices are above $1 Million and the 10,000th semi-trailer has rolled off the production line at Barker Trailers.

This milestone moment in manufacturing was celebrated in early March as the Victorian based national manufacturer reflected on more than 40 years in the industry.