Covid-19 Update

The Coronavirus outbreak is a great concern for communities throughout the world. Whilst health authorities and all forms of Government are working to care for those affected and to prevent further spread of the virus, there are also commercial concerns being expressed with regards to the security of local and international supply chains.

We, at Orrcon Steel and Metalcorp Distribution, are following all publicly advised health, safety and wellbeing procedures to minimize risk to our employees, contractors, service providers, suppliers and customers.

From a supply chain security perspective, we have worked with all our Australian suppliers and can confirm that we do not anticipate any disruption to locally manufactured products such as pipe and tube. Our inbound and outbound freight arrangements are operating as normal and we do not foresee any issues in this regard.

With respect to the small proportion of products that we procure from overseas, we are in constant contact with our suppliers and believe that the inventory levels we have on hand, coupled with the supply arrangements we have in place, position us well to serve our customers normally over the next 2-3 months.

Over coming weeks and months, we will understand more about any future impact on global supply chains and we will update our customers accordingly. In the meantime, please contact your local representative to seek specific guidance on any matter and be assured that all at Orrcon Steel and Metalcorp Distribution are committed to working in partnership with each customer based on your own unique needs.