Liquid ALLGAL® is a fast drying, high solids and high performance zinc-rich epoxy coating. It has been formulated to protect all steel products against corrosion while providing a good colour match for electro-galvanised and hot-dip galvanised zinc coatings. Corrosion protection of steel surfaces by Liquid ALLGAL® is achieved using two levels of protection. The first provides barrier protection due to a tough epoxy binder which is combined with metallic pigment. The second provides sacrificial protection through a fine dispersion of zinc powder throughout the epoxy matrix. Liquid ALLGAL® is designed to deliver a suitable level of zinc content by mass in the dry film to provide adequate barrier protection. Liquid ALLGAL® is ideal for touch up applications to enhance the durability of existing zinc-coated steel structures. It is also suitable to protect and prime welds on steel fabrications, regardless of steel grade and gauge.


  • Provides barrier protection with the combined benefit of high purity metallic zinc to deliver superior corrosion performance
  • ALLGAL® Silver Colour – made specifically to suit Orrcon Steel’s ALLGAL® coated steel sections 
  • Can be used as a touch-up paint for Hot Dipped Galvanised products
  • Fast drying – touch dry in 15 minutes
  • 400g cans & 20ltr drums available