MAXI-TUBE® can be painted and powder coated like other zinc coated products, providing a duplex coat. It is manufactured from pre-coated coil which has a spangle free engineered surface providing a smooth and uniform finish for top coating.

The pre-coated surface is produced under precisely controlled conditions and is regarded as an engineered material coating. The passivation of the MAXI-TUBE® coating further protects the surface which provides a high quality finish for approved powder coat or paint systems. This ensures high quality adhesion of paint coatings to MAXI-TUBE®. Painted or powder coated MAXI-TUBE® provides a high durability specification alternative.

Spray or Brush Painting Powder Coating
Cleaning Alkali or solvent degreasing N/A
Pre-Treatment N/A As per Table 2.1 of AS 4506
Priming Zinc-rich primer (if applicable) Zinc or epoxy primer (if applicable)
Exterior Coat Paint as per specifications Powder coat as per specifications
Curing Normal Temperature drying Temperature & time as per manufacturer's specifications