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Since 2006, the Creature Technology Company has been producing the most technologically sophisticated and life-like animatronics for arena spectaculars, theme parks, exhibitions, stage shows and events around the world.

And for much of that magic-making journey they’ve turned to Orrcon Steel for the quality steel products and technical support required to build their jaw-dropping, giant animatronic creations, as CTC General Manager, Tim Rolfe, explained.

“CTC has a longstanding relationship with Orrcon Steel, mainly using their structural hollow section tube to construct our creatures, and our engineers prefer Orrcon for a number of important reasons,” Tim Rolfe said.

In everything we create, particularly theme park animatronics which have to last 20 years, often operating for 16 hours a day and sometimes 365 days a year, there are stringent requirements and that means we require quality, certified steel and we are assured of that with Orrcon Steel.

“Being an Australian steel manufacturer, Orrcon are also local and directly contactable for any technical advice or support we might need; our Chief Engineer, Richard McKenna, appreciates the responsiveness that provides.

“CTC won several awards for our work, including the 2014 Australian Export Award - Creative Industries, and that does reflect back on Orrcon because we use their steel in our creatures and export them to the world.

“Most creatures take 12 to 18 months to build, as they’re a very complex undertaking, and Orrcon Steel is a major part of bringing them to life.”

Speaking to Brett McCormack, Orrcon Steel National Quality Officer - QMS & QA, about the relationship with CTC, it’s clear to see why the talented creature creators value Orrcon Steel not only as a supplier, but also as a partner in their creative work.

“CTC has contacted us regarding welding, fatigue and other steel information and we have provided the technical advice they needed on some of the steel standards and properties and supplied technical data for use in their calculations,” Brett McCormack explained.

“We also help CTC with product traceability and test certificates for each product – not everyone can provide that but Orrcon Steel can. Being an Australian steel manufacturer we can quickly provide comprehensive customer service, help with enquiries and deliver crucial technical advice and support for all our customers.”

Customer: Creature Technology Company (CTC)
Location: Melbourne, Victoria
Orrcon Steel Products: Structural Hollow Tube

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