To meet the architect’s specific design requirement for long spanning curves, the project needed a range of structural pipe sizes up to 323mm OD in single lengths to 23 metres, capable of being cold bent.

Orrcon Steel rolled around 150 of the main arch tubes in lengths of between 7 and 23 metres which were transported by road and rail to Brisbane for curving and hot dip galvanising.

Orrcon Steel’s ability to produce these precise and extreme lengths resulted in minimum waste, reduced fabrication and transport costs and an overall reduction in construction time.

The 65mm NB pipe used to cross brace the structure was manufactured at Orrcon Steel’s Brisbane Structural Mill. Once the busway was constructed, a special mesh was fitted to protect traffic and passengers from wayward golf balls from the neighbouring Victoria Park Golf Club.

Utilising Orrcon Steel’s Smart Steel Hollow Section thinking, the Brisbane Inner Northern Busway Section 5B successfully accomodates the public transport needs of the area, combining both functionality and visual appeal.

Project: Inner Northern Busway Section 5B
Contractor: Clough-Seymour Whyte Joint Venture
Architect: Hassell
Structural Engineer: KBR
Fabricators: Pipe Curving: Rollpress Fabrication: Gay Constructions Bracing Steelwork: Skyline Steel Fabrication
Orrcon Steel Products: Orrcon Steel Smart Steel Hollow Sections: Pipe sized 65mm NB to 323mm OD

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