Alfasi Steel Constructions, who specialise in the construction of high profile and complex architectural steel structures, worked together with Orrcon Steel on this iconic Australian sporting venue.

Director of Alfasi, Mr. Gill D’Vier said, “The MCG structure involved constructing a cable-stay roof - a steel structure incorporating Orrcon Steel’s Smart Steel Hollow Sections, and held in place by large diameter cables... we were able to shop detail, fabricate and erect this steelwork to the highest standards”.

“These cable stay structures, once fully assembled on the ground, had to be craned into place with extreme accuracy. At 40 metres long and weighing up to 20 tonnes, we created a very detailed erection methodology to ensure a correct fit and maximise safety for construction staff.”

The redevelopment also included construction of new world class seating in the Northern Stand. Here too, Orrcon Steel made its mark through the timely delivery of Australian Made precision Smart Steel Hollow Sections. The new seating provides optimum comfort and visibility of the playing area for members and spectators.

Project: Melbourne Cricket Ground
Contractor: Grocon Constructions
Architects: MCG5 (Daryl Jackson Architects, Hok Sport, Tompkins Shaw & Evans, Hassell & Cox Architects)
Structural Engineers: Connell Mott MacDonald & ARUP (CMMA)
Fabricator: Alfasi Steel Constructions
Orrcon Steel Products: Orrcon Steel Smart Steel Hollow Sections including: RHS 65x65x2.0, 38x25x1.6; SHS 30x30x3mm to 250x250x9mm; CHS 273.1x6.4mm up to 406.4x12.7mm

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