RHS and tube from Orrcon Steel is used to manufacture the frames, arms and various other parts of the air seeders and cultivators, with the steel quality for the air seeders in particular being critical as they operate under high load.

Simplicity Australia Production Manager Ben Paech said, “The relationship with Orrcon Steel is very much a partnership, bringing Australian quality and innovation to the world market. We have spent decades developing our products to the highest standards so it is crucial that quality and traceability are also at the highest levels, and that’s what we get when dealing with Orrcon Steel."

“It’s comforting to know when we buy from Orrcon Steel we have traceability through the tube production process, right back to the original steel coils from the BlueScope plant. That’s hard to find with many steel suppliers in the Australian market, particularly those offering imported products,” said Mr. Paech.

“Orrcon Steel is a one-stop shop for Simplicity – we cut, drill and deburr the tube to precise tolerances in preparation for zinc plating which end up in the construction of their world-famous air seeders and cultivators,” said Orrcon Steel Toowoomba Account Manager Mr Sonny Reid.

Simplicity relies on key Australian suppliers like Orrcon Steel, forming partnerships to compete in an international market place. “We are often confronted with short lead times combined with prime planting conditions and the last thing our customers want is late delivery, so we need suppliers like Orrcon Steel that understand this and are willing to go the extra mile to help us achieve our deadlines.”

“Also current and future steel requirements are stocked close to our factory and are constantly monitored to guarantee uninterrupted supply as the demand changes,” said Mr. Paech.

Customer: Simplicity Australia
Location: Dalby, Queensland
Orrcon Steel Products: RHS and tube